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20 January 2009 @ 19:44
My, my... it's been a while, don't you agree?  
I am the disc you keep on playing
I am the one you keep on twisting around
Confusing me with alluring thoughts

I am the piano you keep on playing
I am the keys you push
And I sing along to your commands

I am the strings on your guitar
I am the shrieking sounds you produce
I am your musical weapon

I am your armour
Location: Forced in.
Listening to: Muse - Hullabaloo - Forced In
dolcedolce_piccante on 20th January 2009 23:24 (UTC)
ooh i like...very musical...nice job! :)
Ammeeria: Mmmm........*chuckle*ammeeria on 21st January 2009 14:39 (UTC)
Thankies! ^^

I thought it was a bit.. well.. but at least I got something written! *grins*