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04 March 2009 @ 14:42
I wish  
I wish I had moment
A minor second from eternity
A moment to rule myself
A road that leads somewhere

I wish I had a body
A form of existence
A body that's like yours
A body that has no flaws

I wish I had thoughts
A lucid consciousness
A bright sight of my mistakes
A stage of fearlessness

But all I am
Is a rotting waste
Fading away
Right under your gaze

Look away
I'm not ready to die this way

© Ammee & Lewwwi
Location: Damien rocks.
Mood: okayokay
Listening to: Damien Rice - Delicate | Powered by Last.fm
1stillheart1stillheart on 4th March 2009 18:12 (UTC)
I love this poem. The repetetiveness of "I wish I had..." really builds up to the ending "But all I am" for a sharp conclusion like being brought back into reality. Well written! :)
Ammeeriaammeeria on 7th March 2009 13:29 (UTC)
Thanks Hun! *huggles* xx